MY REVIEW of ‘Emotionless’ – by Amie McCracken

Amie McCracken is my editor. In fact, she edits and typesets novels for a wide range of self-published authors and helps writers polish their work. She is an imaginist, with a lot of ideas floating around in her head and a long list of places still to visit. She’s been swimming in books her whole life, therefore having a career […]

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Adrian Sturrock: I’m very excited to say that my second book, ‘RANDOM’ is currently holidaying in Munich, where it’s being edited. Cover artwork is also about to begin in Greece, once I’ve finished having artistic differences with myself … More news, including release date, to come soon.

This book is RANDOM  … as is my life “This is my life. It’s not an outstanding one; it’s probably much like yours – except with me in it. * * * * * * * * After forty days and forty nights of wandering through Europe in their Mazda MX5 Miata, Adrian and his wife, Natalie, are back home […]

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Adrian Sturrock: I am very pleased to share the news that two of my travel pieces have been selected for inclusion in the 2019 edition of Travel Stories and Highlights

  This anthology showcases the talents of 55 authors, writers and poets. Among them are well-known travel memoirists, experienced travel writers and rising stars in the travel writing world. A compilation of 66 short stories and 66 highlights, this collection will transport you around the globe from the comfort of your own home. It is a book you can pick […]

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My first interview as an ‘author’

Adrian Sturrock

Turns out that writing a book makes me an author. Who knew! It’s not a word I would have naturally used to describe myself; it feels slightly foreign to me, like being referred to as a trumpet player. (I don’t play trumpet.) But, it seems, I have written a book.  ‘Writer’ sounds okay, perhaps, but ‘author’ sounds a little grand […]

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