Adrian Sturrock

Adrian Sturrock is a writer, occasional musician, teacher, and ethnic minority (except when in Wales), specialising mostly in observation and unconsidered opinion. He currently lives in Buckinghamshire, UK, with wife Natalie: his travel companion, best friend and the person responsible for keeping him out of trouble on social media. They have three children between them. Oh, and he once had a horse fall on him.

Adrian has written articles for a variety of online publications, including and, as well as having excerpts of his poetry/lyrics displayed alongside those of Benjamin Zephaniah in Luton Town Hall  (though it is very unlikely that Benjamin is aware of this). He has been smiled at by Madonna and once spent an afternoon watching ‘Ace Ventura, Pet Detective’ in Barry Gibb’s living room, where Bee Gees manager, David English, remarked on his shoes.

His first book, The Sat Nav Diaries was well received on both sides of the Atlantic, gaining a string of  5 star reviews, and was nominated for the 2018 Kindle Book Awards. His second book, RANDOM is due for release shortly.

You can read more from Adrian Sturrock in  Travel Stories and Highlights, 2019 edition  (edited by Robert Fear.) Click 'Latest News', below, for details.


"A unique voice, crackling with detail"

- Neville Brooks, BRFM Radio - 96.4FM


Sat Nav Diraies by Adrian Sturrock

"I had an idea for a road trip; a sports car I shouldn't have bought; and a wife to point out that what looks entirely feasible on a scaled map can actually be quite a long way away."

“This isn't a travelogue; it's much less than that. If you are looking for a font-of-all knowledge encyclopaedic guru to help you plan your next European adventure, you'll hate this book. However, if you've ever sat in a restaurant and wondered what the life of the couple opposite is like, then this might just be what you've been after. And the locations are quite nice too.”

The Sat Nav Diaries is currently available on in both paperback and eBook formats.

This book had me chuckling and choking on my coffee for page after page. The voice is incredible; the atmosphere is tangible.

- Amie McCracken, Designer, Literary Editor, Author