"I had an idea for a road trip; a sports car I shouldn't have bought; and a wife to point out that what looks entirely feasible on a scaled map can actually be quite a long way away."

Sat Nav Diraies by Adrian Sturrock

“ His observation is as sharp as his sense of humour.

- 5* Amazon review

“Not since Milligan’s War memoirs have I come across such natural wit and empathy.”

- 5* Amazon review

 “Sturrock's cool style, tempered with his dry wit and excellent description, is perfect for drawing you into this engrossing narrative.”

- 5* Amazon review

“Adrian's warm and witty style of observational prose makes this a real page turner”

- 5* Amazon review

This isn't a travelogue; it's much less than that. If you are looking for a font-of-all-knowledge encyclopaedic guru to help you plan your next European adventure, you'll hate this book. However, if you've ever sat in a restaurant and wondered what the life of the couple opposite is like, then this might just be what you've been after. And the locations are quite nice too.

The Sat Nav Diaries is currently available on in both paperback and eBook formats.

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