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Concerned that his wife works too hard, Adrian decides to plan a surprise – something to help her relax. But, worried that she might not like what he has in mind, he phones her at work to ask what type of surprise she might fancy. Nat has no time for this – she’s busy … working hard! ‘Use your initiative,’ she says. So, he does.

This is the story of a date night that became a trip that became a road trip. Perhaps it’s a cautionary tale for us all regarding how quickly “a meal and maybe a show” can turn into a five-week wander across eleven European countries. Well, it could happen to anyone …

This is not so much a travelogue as an account of the consequences of over-initiative-ising (his word, not mine!). It is also a note of warning to wives: Be careful what you ask for! Having said that, the locations are quite nice.

This is a beautifully crafted and engaging tale of one couple’s adventures that will have you chuckling all the way through to the end. Highly recommended.

– Alyson Sheldrake, Author of the ‘Living the Dream’ travel series




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“I had an idea for a road trip; a sports car I shouldn’t have bought; and a wife to point out that what looks entirely feasible on a scaled map can actually be quite a long way away.”

This isn’t a travelogue; it’s much less than that. If you are looking for a font-of-all-knowledge encyclopaedic guru to help you plan your next European adventure, you’ll hate this book. However, if you’ve ever sat in a restaurant and wondered what the life of the couple opposite is like, then this might just be what you’ve been after. And the locations are quite nice too.

“This book had me chuckling and choking on my coffee for page after page. The voice is incredible; the atmosphere is tangible.”

– Amie McCracken, Designer, Literary Editor, Author


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“This is my life. It’s not an outstanding one. It may be much like yours – except with me in it.”

After forty days and forty nights of wandering through Europe in their Mazda MX5 Miata, Adrian and his wife, Natalie, are back home – mostly because that’s where they live. RANDOM explores their everyday life, and continues from where THE SAT NAV DIARIES left off. Life must go on, it seems.

‘Is it just me or do my feet look further away to you?’ This is Adrian’s first collection of articles, in which he fumbles his way through a number of vaguely irrelevant 21st Century issues, including:

  • How to pull off a social media romance
  • Why you shouldn’t cheat on your hair stylist
  • Why phishing no longer requires a rod
  • How come today’s DIY still means having to do it yourself

“A surprisingly fresh voice that redefines the genre”


Adrian's Books


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     “This continues to be my life. It’s not an outstanding one; it’s probably much like yours – except with me in it.”

Time makes you wiser, say people who like to appear wise. Adrian Sturrock is not so sure. In his mind, all time does is introduce us to more stuff to be confused about. And this isn’t merely confined to the world out there; it applies equally to home life, where navigating relationships can sometimes seem as straightforward as a Hogwarts staircase – or that lithograph by Escher, if one wants to appear posh. Either way, life is confusing.

‘Never date a woman whose ambition it is to kick a pigeon’ – Sound advice, indeed. This is Adrian Sturrock’s second collection of articles, in which he explores more irrelevant 21st Century issues, including:

  • How to get paid to fail a job interview
  • How best to achieve heatstroke at minus twenty degrees
  • Why time travellers should seriously consider using the Post Office
  • Why it’s perfectly fine to blame French sociologists for your own first world problems

Sparkling with wit, razor sharp, and face-achingly funny
Valarie Poore, Blogger and author of Africa Ways

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“His observation is as sharp as his sense of humour.“

– 5* Amazon review

“Not since Milligan’s War memoirs have I come across such natural wit and empathy.”

– 5* Amazon review

 “Sturrock’s cool style, tempered with his dry wit and excellent description, is perfect for drawing you into this engrossing narrative.”

– 5* Amazon review

“Adrian’s warm and witty style of observational prose makes this a real page turner”

– 5* Amazon review

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