Millennials are not here to save us from ourselves: why the ‘liberal young’ is just a media myth.

I’m sitting in a bar with a friend, just a few hundred metres from a stretch of remaining Berlin Wall that flanks the river on this side of town. It’s late October, it’s well past dusk, and the rain that has consistently fallen since I arrived in this city is busy reflecting and animating the electric lights of surrounding buildings, passing cars, and the occasional glare of the overhead trains that intermittently rumble past our window. My first impression of this city is that it is hard, brutal, monochrome. Why then do I instantly feel comfortable here?

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I ate the croissants, you saw the whole of the moon

‘Why am I awake?’ ‘I couldn’t sleep,’ says Nat. ‘Yes, but why am I awake?’ ‘Because I couldn’t sleep,’ she repeats. She has a point. I take the opportunity to huff quietly to myself. Even at this early hour, passive-aggressiveness does not pass me by. ‘What time is it?’ I regret my question as soon as it’s asked – as soon, in […]

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