Bryn Peterson is a novelist, poet and blogger originating from Leeds, England.She studied Law LLB at Leeds Metropolitan University before embarking on her first crime novel, “Another Arbor”, a gritty procedural crime thriller that follows Detective Inspector Hunter as he battles to untangle a mess of evidence that sets him on a journey to solve a series of crimes dating back decades.

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Aventure d’auto-stop: A Hitchhiking adventure – By Stacey Sturrock-Davies

Stacey Sturrock-Davies

Bio: Stacey Sturrock-Davies: passionate adventurer, occasional writer, aspiring photographer, sunseeker, sightseer, music lover. Aventure d’auto-stop: A Hitchhiking adventure. After months of waiting, studying and fundraising, the time had finally come. It was during fresher’s week of my first year at the University of Kent, Canterbury, that I first considered the idea. At that point in my life, drastic change was […]

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How to Beat Writer`s Block by Casey M. Millette

Casey M. Millett

Casey M. Millette Casey M. Millette, sixteen, has been into fantasy since she was five. Her love of The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia has inspired her to write Cursed and pursue other passions, such as martial arts, acting, and lots of reading. Casey lives just outside Atlanta, Georgia with her family and cat, Hudson. You […]

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