12 months on: consistent 5* reviews, sales across nine countries, 2018 Kindle Award nomination. THE SAT NAV DIARIES is doing quite well

A year ago, I tentatively pressed my final SEND on my computer, which sent THE SAT NAV DIARIES off into the real world. And then I sat back and thought, ‘What have I done?!! Have I just made a fool of myself?!!!’ My conclusion was that, if I had, to what extent did I care? Not a lot, I decided.

A year on, I’m hugely pleased to say that this first book has continued to receive 5 star reviews, has sold across nine countries, and was even nominated for the 2018 Kindle Books Awards.

Thank you to everyone who has bought, read, reviewed and/or passed on the book for others to check out. xxx

* * * * * * * * * * * *