Adrian Sturrock: I’m very excited to say that my second book, ‘RANDOM’ is currently holidaying in Munich, where it’s being edited. Cover artwork is also about to begin in Greece, once I’ve finished having artistic differences with myself … More news, including release date, to come soon.

– because life is like that

This is Adrian Sturrock’s first collection of unpublished articles, in which he fumbles his way through a number of vaguely relevant 21stCentury issues, including:

   * How to navigate a social media romance
   * Why you shouldn’t cheat on your hair stylist
   * How to ensure that speed cameras only capture your good side
   * Why phishing no longer requires a rod
   * What to do when your personal trainer hates you
   * How to deal with a haunted toilet

You could learn a lot here. Then again, you might just have fun learning nothing at all.

* * * * * * * *

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