MY REVIEW of ‘Emotionless’ – by Amie McCracken

Amie McCracken is my editor. In fact, she edits and typesets novels for a wide range of self-published authors and helps writers polish their work. She is an imaginist, with a lot of ideas floating around in her head and a long list of places still to visit. She’s been swimming in books her whole life, therefore having a career as an editor and book designer was only natural. There’s always a book or three on her nightstand and a manuscript in progress on her laptop. There’s also a possibility she might be addicted to tea.

When she sent me a complimentary copy of her novel, ‘Emotionless’ a little while ago I felt that the least I could do was offer to review it. Phew, how embarrassing it might have been if I’d hated it! Fortunately, not only did I not hate it but I found it extremely difficult to put the thing down. 

Here’s my Review:

Why isn’t this a movie yet? A complex first novel by Amie McCracken alternating between two first person narratives, this is a love story, a warning, a call to war, set in a dystopian future that could quite conceivably be only moments away. Emotionless sets out to illustrate why our baser human traits can also be our greatest gifts. And at a time when our own societies are starting to question the automatic authority of our leaders, this is a timely lesson in listening to our inner selves. Amie has produced a fast-paced narrative that had me from the start. I can’t recommend this book enough.

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