Released today: SAT NAV DIARIES 2.0 (GOING EAST…ISH)

Yet again I was in stitches with Adrian’s fantastic ability to deliver a punchline, but there are a few gems in here that will really punch you in the gut. Tread carefully, he’ll surprise you with wisdom when you least expect it.

– Amie McCracken (Author of Leaning into the Abyss)

* * * * * * * *

Concerned that his wife works too hard, Adrian decides to plan a surprise – something to help her relax. But, worried that she might not like what he has in mind, he phones her at work to ask what type of surprise she might fancy. Nat has no time for this – she’s busy … working hard! ‘Use your initiative,’ she says. So, he does.

This is the story of a date night that became a trip that became a road trip. Perhaps it’s a cautionary tale for us all regarding how quickly “a meal and maybe a show” can turn into a five-week wander across eleven European countries. Well, it could happen to anyone …

This is not so much a travelogue as an account of the consequences of over-initiative-ising (his word, not mine!). It is also a note of warning to wives: Be careful what you ask for! Having said that, the locations are quite nice.

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