“This is my life. It’s not an outstanding one; it may be much like yours – except with me in it.”

“As usual, Adrian Sturrock had me actually spitting coffee while I read this book. But what was even more surprising than his humour was that these anecdotes left me a little in awe.”

Amie McCracken
(Editor, designer, and author of ‘Emotionless’)

 “The dialogue in Adrian Sturrock’s writing would make any writer envious. It sparkles with wit, is razor sharp and face-achingly funny. He is a master of repartee and a great storyteller too. I absolutely loved Sat Nav Diaries and his blog is truly brilliant.”

Valarie Poore
(Memoir author and Blogger)

 “Packed with astute observational humour, warmth, wit and whimsy, this sparkling new collection will help you ponder the profoundly important questions in life, such as, Do ducks really have regional accents? A must-read for anyone with a modicum of curiosity and a sense of humour.”

Lucy M. Rees
(Author of ‘Mongolian Film Music: Traditional, Revolution and Propaganda’)


After forty days and forty nights of wandering through Europe in their Mazda MX5 Miata, Adrian and his wife, Natalie, are back home – mostly because that’s where they live.

RANDOM explores their everyday life, and continues where THE SAT NAV DIARIES left off. Life must go on, it seems.

Is it just me or do my feet look further away to you?‘ This is Adrian Sturrock’s first collection of articles, in which he fumbles his way through a number of vaguely irrelevant 21st Century issues, including:

  • How to pull off a social media romance,
  • Why you shouldn’t cheat on your hair stylist,
  • Why phishing no longer requires a rod
  • How come today’s DIY still means having to do it yourself.

“You might learn a lot here, though this is highly unlikely.”
Alternatively, you might just have fun learning nothing at all.

* * * * * * * *