20 by 20: Adrian Sturrock finds himself in good company this week as twenty of the best new travel writers come together in a brand new anthology designed to take readers to the next level of armchair travel.

This week sees the launch of a brand new publication in which twenty of the best up and coming writers are brought together to transport readers along an array of the world’s most fascinating paths less travelled.

Itchy Feet‘ is the latest in a collection of travel memoirs curated by Alyson Sheldrake of Tadornini Publishing, herself an avid traveller and artist who gave up a successful career in the UK to pursue a new life in a new part of the world.

“I’m very excited about this project,” says Alyson. “I really wanted to bring together writers whom I admire for their ability not only to tell a good story but for their skill in fully immersing the reader into new environments and situations. I really wanted to take the armchair reader on an emotional journey. I’m very pleased with what we’ve created here.”

“These aren’t just travel accounts,” Alyson is quick to point out, “they are full-on experiences, warts and all. What we’ve collected together are real, often dramatic and emotive adventures.”

The anthology kicks off with a near flight-disaster as Adrian Sturrock recounts his more than rocky entry into Egypt during the summer of 1998. In his story, ‘Into Dust’, he immediately evokes a strong sense of place as he travels the length of this ancient land during a point in time when Islamic militants are looking to destabilise the country’s economy by gunning down foreign tourists. His is a tale of rough edges, heatwaves, and an adventurous spirit, all wrapped up in the disarming beauty of a timeless landscape, and told with humour, sensitivity and warmth.

This is as much about experiences as it is about locations,” says Alyson.

Also to be found within this anthology:

  • Get a rare glimpse into the lives of the last Pech Indigenous people of La Moskitia, Honduras.
  • Experience history first-hand through four continents, three wars and a desperate message in a bottle, with a story of heartbreak, poverty and travel in the 19th century.
  • Make your through the Indonesian jungle, and experience an epic journey out of Africa.
  • Be entertained by a teenager’s first glance of foreign soil, and an Australian view of England.
  • Ride a Harley through France and Spain and find out what makes someone a perpetual nomad.
  • Hunt down Dracula in Transylvania, and raft your way along the Zambezi river.

You can find ‘Itchy Feet‘ on Amazon in hardback, paperback, large print version, and eBook here: